The Game Changer Collective

The Game Changer Index- cutting edge profiling that measures commercial individual and organisational impact…not just personality.

Both evidence based and cutting edge, it’s the first of its kind and identifies individual and collective impact. Personality or people diagnostic tools can’t measure what The GC Index® measures, which is how and where individuals and teams make the greatest impact and contribution to your business.

Evidence shows that when people are able to expel energy into where they have their greatest impact, productivity levels rise, sickness levels lower and overall wellbeing is improved.

Take your people and organisation to the next level with the GCI and join other companies including Nike, AstraZeneca, Microsoft, Dexcom, MSD and many more.

The Game Changer Collective is a global people performance company who provide confidence and clarity for organisations to thrive. Leap Health is fortunate to be able to extend its offerings though its collaboration with GCC.

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Wellbeing ambassador programme to embed, empower and ensure longevity of a healthy workplace

A four workshop programme to develop internal advocates who will drive the longevity and growth of workplace health

  • Explore
    • The key areas to gain greatest return on health investment for your people and organisation
    • The skills, knowledge and understanding to deliver content to colleagues
    • Creating content for effective communication
    • A 12 month plan for wellbeing longevity

A collaboration with Dr Samantha Weld-Blundell (Child & Educational Psychologist) from The Little Psychology Co,

to offer workshops that support busy working parents with parenting & managing their own health

Parenting workshop

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