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  • Video 1 – Top tips on how to increase health and productivity

  • Video 3 – Top tips on using food to improve mood and productivity

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If you would like more support at an individual, or organisational level around improving your Physical & Mental Health, so that you can improve Personal & Professional, Productivity & Happiness, please get in touch.

Workday Fast Fuel Recipes

The Leap Health Workplace Podcast

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Find out more about

Taking Care of Parents.

A collaboration with Dr Samantha Weld-Blundell (Child & Educational Psychologist) from The Little Psychology Co,

to offer workshops that support busy working parents with parenting & managing their own health

Parenting workshop

Financial Wellbeing matters too

Energy saving tips

1) TRV’s on 3.5 (never on 5) and thermostat range between 18-21 degrees.

2) Electric showers are BAD for your bank balance, they use, on average, 1 KWh every 6 minutes compared to watching a TV for 10 hours for the same energy!!

3) Line dry your clothes/use a maiden instead of a Tumble Dryer – using a kWh every 20 minutes

If you would like many more tips around E7 tariffs or a free of charge energy assessment, along with a quote to ensure you aren’t wasting any energy,

contact Andy Morgan from Utilities Warehouse on 07833320104