Project Description

The last year has been one that we will never forget, although many will wish they could. However this has challenged you, do not let it pass by without taking the opportunity to capture your learnings to make you physically and mentally stronger in the future. These reflections can really build a sound platform for resilience and success in new situations

Course Objectives

  • You will dig deep to understand positive and negative triggers from the last year

  • You will capture what you know you have learnt, and what you did not actually realise you have learnt

  • You will use tools “STAY” and “SAFE” to apply learnings to the future

  • You will embed your “WHY” to make the right health choices

Course Outcomes

  • You will have clarity on how to use learnings from the last year to build your physical and mental strength and resilience moving forward

  • You will know how to manage your triggers using “SAFE”

  • You will be confident to apply “STAY” to continually set individualised health steps that deliver productivity and happiness

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