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Workplace Health Solutions for Performance and Productivity

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“Empowering workplaces to make physical & mental health a priority, and build immunity in an uncertain world, so that they can take a leap in to personal & professional productivity”

We Provide Bespoke Solutions through:

  • Online Webinars – covering various aspects of longevity, nutrition, activity and mindset

  • In-House – presentations and motivational talks

  • Corporate Health Challenges

  • Corporate Health Events – linking with other experts in the field of health to provide wider services

  • Ongoing Follow up and Support – for individuals to keep motivation high

  • Members Area – access to resources

  • Results – to demonstrate return on investment

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Why should the health of your workforce be a PRIORITY right NOW?

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Popular Courses

We offer a wide range of bespoke courses to optimise productivity and performance at both a personal and professional level.


Food for Mood & Motivation

Feel empowered, and have a nutrition plan that’s optimal, sustainable and realistic for you and your goals


Fuel the Ferrari

Fuel the Ferrari in you for physical performance & productivity. Explore how to tailor your fuel to meet your goals.

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Our Mission

Leap Health is on a mission to drive improvements in physical and mental health by reaching individuals and businesses, through bespoke, proven and  innovative solutions that optimise performance at both a personal and professional level

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The Leap Concept

Life is not just about how long you live but the quality also. Steps must be sustainable and provide longevity in Mental & Physical Health at both a Personal & Professional level.

What we put in influences what we get out. Leap Health believes that optimal nutrition is individual and by taking the best bits from the evidence out there we can find the solution for YOU. Nutrition impacts on both Physical & Mental Health…which ultimately results in productivity at a Personal & Professional level.

Activity is a powerful way to improve physical & mental health. Leap Health believes that Activity can be sustainable, optimal & enjoyable for all. We can help find the best solution that meets YOUR environment. Activity does impact on Physical & Mental Health… which ultimately results in productivity at a Personal & Professional level.

The mind is a powerful thing and our environment can pose many challenges. The company can individualise Small Steps to Leap Health that will increase positivity. Positivity plays a vital role in Personal & Professional performance.

What do our Clients Say?

Join other organisations, who have worked with Leap Health to accelerate health and productivity

The Leap Health seminar was delivered in a very professional manner yet Anna was very approachable and happy to tailor it to individual needs – highly recommended and beneficial to all!!

Attendee from Mercedes Vans UK, Mercedes Benz

Interesting to hear of science behind food. I find myself wanting more unhealthy foods when stressed, but this webinar reinforced why we do this and why need to refrain.

Emergency Medicine Consultant, NHS Practitioner Health

Sundown Solutions have been working with Anna at Leap Health since the start of the year (2021).  Sundown is a IT consultancy specialising in digital and cloud transformations and as such the majority of our staff are software developers.  Getting into the mind of a SWD can be challenging due to the constant focus required often resulting in long periods of sitting but Anna has done a great job getting members of the team thinking about the lifestyle choices they’ve been making specifically during lock down.  We now have active discussions on healthy meal choices and team badminton sessions on a Tuesday evening, it hasn’t been easy but the perseverance shown by Anna has done the trick!

Kelly-Ann Groves- Chief Operating Officer and Managing Partner, Sundown Solutions

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