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About Leap Health

We provide bespoke, innovative and simple solutions which optimise physical and mental health, accelerating personal and professional performance and happiness

Anna Reddy – Founder of Leap Health

As the founder of Leap Health, I have over 18 years of success in the pharmaceutical industry, working with a broad spectrum of Health Care Professionals, and in a wide range of therapy areas, I have a sound knowledge of delivering health solutions in many situations. In addition I also have experience in the fitness industry and am a qualified Nutritionist who is fascinated how lifestyle can have such a profound effect on prevention & management of our health. This has equipped me with specialist knowledge, qualifications and expertise in health, wellbeing and disease prevention that unlocks lifestyle solutions to mental and physical health which transforms productivity and performance!

Most importantly I’m also a mum of 3 lively children who I love getting outdoors with, and I am on a mission to make health contagious!

Look forward to you making small steps to LEAP HEALTH

What’s the reality?

The reality is that with all the goodwill in the world, without the correct resources, accountability, and support, individuals and organisations do not sustain addressing these issues, and decrease productivity and employee wellbeing. The CIPD advises that employers provide support around well being to all employees.​

How can Leap Health provide your solution?

Leap Health provide workplace health solutions that increase workplace physical & mental health, leading to Productivity.

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