“What really is the truth about Nutrition?” is a question many people would like to know. With an influx of nutrition social media posts, opinions, packaged up wonder solutions…what should you really believe?

Well, here is a start on a few of the common things I hear, and the reply I would give. I hope this helps.


Fat makes you Fat

False- Fats have had a lot of bad press over the years but it’s important to differentiate between good and bad fats. Go for unsaturated fats such as olive oil, avocados, oily fish etc. Limit saturated such as butter, pastry etc. These can be segmented further into mono unsaturated, poly unsaturated, saturated and trans fat. You may also consider using different fats for cooking at different temperatures. Click here to watch the video- Fats the story so far for more information- https://www.instagram.com/tv/CFRPANTDVB0/?igshid=1b8lsl3icv3dl

High cholesterol is a risk factor for cv disease

Umm– For years we all thought our total cholesterol was the key indicator to focus on. In recent years it’s become more about the ratio of good cholesterol (HDL) to bad cholesterol (LDL). For more information and clarity …get in touch with LEAP HEALTH

Cutting Carbs is the best way to lose weight

Umm- For every 1 gram of carb stored as glycogen – 2/3 grams of water is stored, so cutting carbs will reduce weight in terms of water loss. Cutting carbs may reduce overall calorie intake which will cause weight loss if this causes a calorie deficit with your exercise/calorie burn. Your diet will be higher in foods that increase satiety (protein and fats) so can reduce over eating. BUT, there are many other interesting factors to consider…get in touch with Leap Health for more info.

Keto diet is superior to other diets

False– There is evidence demonstrating benefits in cases of epilepsy, however currently not to support other conditions. There also is a lot of advocacy and support for this method of eating, but hard evidence in the general population is low. For people who find this method easy to adhere to then they may see benefits over other diets. For more information about the theory about keto get in touch with Leap Health, or visit this video link https://www.instagram.com/tv/B9FP59rja-w/?igshid=eof2eay21jzl 

You must eat protein within 30 mins of training

False- It is true that protein in important for muscle maintenance and repair, in addition it has been the norm for years that body builders rush to grab their protein straight after training! However evidence shows an approximate 2 hour window for full amino acid protein consumption is effective. It is also dependant on protein intake prior to exercise etc. For more information about protein recommendations get in touch with Leap Health.

You cannot meet protein requirements on a vegan diet

False– Currently the vegan diet is “TRENDY”. Many top athletes are vegan and are seeing great improvements in performance. However, it is slightly more complex (but certainty not impossible) to get a mixture of essential amino acids that the body cannot produce alone. For more information and areas to consider, contact Leap Health.

 Sleep aids nutrition and exercise

TRUE, TRUE, TRUE– Guidelines suggest we should aim for 7-9 hours sleep a night. We are all “individuals” though and this does not apply to us all. There are also many other elements to address to achieve good sleep quality. If you would like to explore this more…get in touch with Leap Health.

The half-life of caffeine is 6 hours

True- Generally it is 5-6 hours, however few people do metabolise it faster and hence do not get the wide awake in the night feeling , that most would by drinking a cup of coffee later in the day. To find out more about the pro s and cons of caffeine and how it can help and hinder you … get in touch with Leap Health.

HITT training is more sustainable than a constant jog

False– The most sustainable exercise is the one you enjoy. To dig deeper about what is best for you, set goals and plans, “Activity to Leap Health” is a great seminar to join”

You will put more weight on if you eat after 6pm than before

False– Again this was a trend a few years ago that people followed. It is true that eating late at night can disturb sleep but in general it’s all about calories in vs calories out. There are also situations such as shift workers where this theory would be hard to follow. To explore this more contact Leap Health.

Sweets make you fat

Umm- Sugar is the enemy at the moment, and a lot of evidence does support the negative effects, but it’s complex. It is still about calories in and calories out, but important to know the whole picture and how that calorie makes you feel and impacts on overall health. To find out more about this “ TRENDY” topic contact Leap Health

 Alcohol is bad

Well, it does have many negative effects on health, but you will be glad to know it also does have some benefits- IN MODERATION!
First and foremost it can for some people be quite a sociable habit which increases their connection with others positively, which is good for our health. It can also though have the opposite effect for others.

However think Mediterranean…a couple of glasses of red wine to relax and wind down.
Of course there are so many other great ways to socialise, relax and wind down. To find out more, contact Leap Health

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