Some days, and times we know that we should move, but just really cannot be bothered!

Here are a few little ideas to motivate you from the

 ICBB (I can`t be bothered) state, to the IBCC (I can be brilliant state).

I hope these help, and I would love to know others that you have.


Train with a Friend, whether in person, online, or on the phone. Make that commitment

Download a great Podcast. Positive noise is a great motivator. This is my favourite!

Have a pre workout routine. This may be as simple as putting your gym clothes on. By having this simple action that you regard as part of the workout, you are far more likely to continue to get moving.

Just do 5 min and see how you feel. After 5 minutes you are more likely to feel like continuing.

Don’t make it gruelling, decide you may just walk. You can always up the intensity when you get moving.

Enter a race or a challenge. This will give you that reason to train.

Get the movement time in your diary as an appointment just as you would a business commitment.

Set yourself personal goals, communicate these to others and ask them to check in on you.

Buy new gym gear! You will be motivated to use it.

Motivating music is a fantastic way to instantly raise motivation.

Visualise a time when you had loads of energy training, or that feeling of achievement you get at the end of your workout.

Try mind games, telling yourself that this workout will be easy!

Prepare or find a new work out/ running route that you want to try.

Kill 2 birds with one stone e.g. train with kids, a dog, run to the shops etc

Use fitbits or other monitors to assess your progress.

Record how you feel physically and mentally before, during and after movement. By going back to this you can visually see that previously you may have felt low motivation before movement and high after.

Plan yourself a healthy treat once the movement is done, such as a magazine, chill out time, healthy treat.

Manipulate caffeine timing to give you a boost, so long as this is not going to impact on your sleep. I personally find chewing gum wakes me up a little!

MOST important, make sure you have had enough sleep to recover from previous exercise, or just charged up your batteries to move.

Finally if nothing is working, do not beat yourself up… listen to your body and decide this is a rest day, and tomorrow is a movement day.

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