How can the Game Change Index demonstrate Energy for Impact in your individuals, teams and organisation as a whole?

The GC Index® is the organimetric that empowers organisations to drive performance and achieve innovation by creating game-changing teams and cultures.

Leap Health collaborate with The Game Changer Collective to not only provide commercial impact data for health & wellbeing interventions, but to offer solutions in over 20 other business situations.

How does The Game Changer Index work?

The GC Index is a People & Organisation Assessment tool that is based on a high-level business cycle and identifies where individuals and teams naturally want to make an impact and contribution in the business cycle.

Based on this data, The GC Index can help decision making in any business process and improve the productivity of a business.

When we align individuals and teams to roles/tasks where they are naturally engaged and energised we end up with both higher employee satisfaction and higher productivity.

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How can The Game Changer Index be used?

The Game Changer Index is one simple data set that has multiple applications in many areas of business performance and wellbeing

The Game Changer Index Challenge grid

What do others say about The Game Changer Index when delivered in collaboration with The Game Changer Collective?

Anna recently provided us with some game-changing 1-on-1 coaching for our Management Team at Panaz. This was no mean feat, as our team is a mix of new and long-term staff members with a very diverse range of talents and ideas. Anna approached this task with full sensitivity and careful listening, guiding us to realise our untapped potential and ways in which we can best approach the GC Index as a tool for well-being and productivity.

Panaz logoNicola Boardman- Head of HR, Panaz Ltd

What does The Game Changer Collective say about us working together?

Anna brings a positively powered energy and drive to everything she does. Anna has a unique ability to see possibilities that quite simply others, including ourselves, just don’t. This creative vision has accelerated our client relationships and solutions and massively supported us in challenging our at times self-limiting strategy. Anna has a unique balance of personability and professionalism which endears clients to her and accelerates engagement and people and performance outcomes.

The game changer collectiveHelen Bessell- Client Experience Director, The Game Changer Collective