“How often can I include movement in the working day?” is probably on a lot of peoples mind right now.

As Anthony Robins says

“Motion creates Emotion”.

For too many years productivity has been linked to hours worked and often sat at a desk. However regular movement is not only shown to improve your physical health, it improves your creativity and overall mental health. It really is vital that movement is the norm of the working day, and we need to think outside of the box to achieve it in each of our individual worlds. Here below is my new walking workstation for calls that can be made on the move in the fresh air.


Below are a few tips to get you moving, I would love to hear yours.

  1. Question all conversations you are having- do you really need to be sat at a desk or could this be done on the move in the fresh air?


  1. Make a plan of your working day and allocate time for exercise. Put this in your diary and set reminders. Motion does create emotion, creativity and productivity.


  1. Think about your circadian rhythm and allocate time accordingly when answering the below questions

When do you have most energy?

When are you most creative?

When do you have highest concentration?

When do you need down time?

When do you need connection?

When do you need motivation?


  1. Get others involved. Why not suggest to a colleague that you call each other at a certain time and both walk and talk. Maybe even compete on steps!


  1. Invest in a cap, umbrella and waterproofs that you have to hand. This way the weather is less likely to stop you getting the benefits of movement in the fresh air.


  1. Add on movement to certain habits. An example may be that you always have a break at 11am for a tea/coffee/drink, so you could try setting yourself a 3-5 min exercise challenge before you have your break.


  1. Find some learning on demand that is work related. E.g. downloading an educational podcast that will help you in your role means you can move and learn at the same time


  1. When working if you can wear comfortable clothes that you feel you can easily move in and get out for a walk/run etc, when you have the opportunity


  1. Try setting movement goals on a weekly basis; so that you can be flexible and do not beat yourself up if urgent (non-accommodating movement) tasks are sprung on you one day.


  1. Get assertive, and lead by example! If it is not the norm in your workplace to make health a PRIORITY, make it your PRIORITY to demonstrate the benefit to them, so that it becomes a PRIORITY.


Finally, have you come up with some great solutions?…then share with your family, friends, colleagues and anyone you can!.

“Lets make Health Contagious!”


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