The role of HR has been a rollercoaster over the last 18 months to say the least! A massive increase in legislation and changes in individual circumstances has substantially raised the workload.

You may want to pause and ask the question “Can you afford to be reactive to the health and wellbeing of your workforce?”

By motivating your people and empowering individuals to make small steps that improve the way they feel physically and mentally, you are ensuring the longevity of your workplace and minimising the costs of the consequences from taking a reactive approach.

Health and Wellbeing used to be a “Nice to do thing”, BUT it is now a “NEED TO DO THING”

Imagine yourself working from home…and waking up feeling lethargic and not quite right. Would you- Phone in sick, or mask it working from home whilst doing significantly less than normal? I imagine the latter is the case for most people, which brings me to my next point which is- absenteeism levels are not an accurate reflection of the health of your workforce. Presenteeism (working with sub-optimal health) is on the rise!

Now is the time to change working cultures to encourage people to be healthy whilst at work, prevent them burning out and minimise loss of productivity and costs to organisations.

Here Are 10 Ideas About How You Can Improve The Health Of Your Workforce

  1. Have a dedicated platform where employees can share healthy ideas and motivate each other
  1. Offer an allocated amount of time per day for movement and motivation
  1. If in the office offer healthy snacks
  1. If working from home offer a small allowance to make a healthy meal
  1. Provide ideas for relaxation
  1. Set norms around times when work communications can take place, so that the is a clear work life balance
  1. Encourage team health events such as step challenges, sports fund raisers etc
  1. Improve knowledge around nutrition, movement and sleep to drive personal and professional productivity
  1. Do NOT set up a video meeting for the sake of it and because it is habit, if this could be a walk and talk
  1. Offer nudge signs in the office or at home which remind people of the small steps they can make to Leap Health

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