Making your workplace a healthier one… will also make it a wealthier one. Right now, more than ever people value their health, and when they feel that this is a priority in the workplace this is a huge motivation. Individuals that make Small steps to Leap health, can experience huge gains in personal and professional productivity, which means more output in a reduced number of hours, better work-life balance, and increased job satisfaction. So, making health part of the norm in your workplace is a winner all round.

Here are 35 ideas for making your workplace a healthy one. For support implementing any of these contact –

  1. Provide Healthy Snacks in and out of the office
  1. Reward walk and talk meetings
  1. Use nudge signs in and out of the office to promote healthy habits
  1. Offer individualised support to identify triggers to good and triggers to not so good health actions
  1. Create a Working From Home/ Working in the office healthy recipe book that all can contribute to
  1. Offer a £5 allowance to create healthy go to meals, and share
  1. Offer education around nutrition
  1. Promote sleep hygiene
  1. Offer 5 minute workday solutions to recharge your batteries (see blog)
  1. Reward those that inspire others and share health ideas that work for others also.
  1. Zoom come dine with me and even open out to friends and family
  1. Collaborate with local health companies to offer staff discounts
  1. Set a team create and share healthy food Jacobs joint
  2. Get a chef into teach a few good do to workday healthy eating meals
  1. Stop offering low nutritious snacks in the workplace
  1. Place healthy snacks in visible places and in front of other options
  1. Colour competition- how much colour can you get in your diet
  1. Journal- health steps around SAFE –( Sleep, Actions, Family/friends/fellows, and Exercise & Eating habits), and record what you have done and how you have felt
  1. Monthly workplace health newsletter
  1. Recognise health awareness events e.g. Picnic week. Refer to my health awareness calendar
  1. Get a healthy lunch delivered for employees at home/ in the office
  1. Set up a mini-farmers market/food hall one lunch and encourage employees to purchase locally and healthily
  1. Support employees to measure their health e.g. Heart Rate Variability/ Fitness test/ Monitor mood and mental health
  1. Hold a health fair, with providers from various aspects of health offering support
  1. Set screen limitation times and promote advice around back/ eye care
  1. Incentivise and sign post smoking cessation
  1. Increase social accountability, to create motivation
  1. Provide clarity around vaccines and data to reduce transmission
  1. Provide appropriate PPE and rules so that employees feel protected
  1. Survey employees regularly to understand their health needs and how these may change over time
  1. Encourage creativity and a platform to be heard and propose ideas
  1. Offer flexible working hours
  2. Establish corporate norms and expectations around Work-life Balance
  1. Minimise the route to access health information
  1. Promote the “Wholeself” campaign from Mental Health First Aid England

If you would like more support at an individual, or organisational level around improving your Physical & Mental Health, so that you can improve Personal & Professional, Productivity & Happiness, please contact me at

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