Do you have those days when you lack the motivation to be productive, have little clarity on the day, and fear your productivity may not be where it should be?

This was me this morning! If you have attended any of my courses you may be familiar with the  “ICBB to ICBB”, and this is all about turning that ICBB (I Can`t Be Bothered) to a ICBB(I Can Be Brilliant) day or moment.

So, here are the 5 steps that I took and can also work for you, to achieve productivity in your working day:

  1. Download a motivating podcast. This must be relevant to the clarity or inspiration that you need in your life or work. Today, I needed business motivation and choose “Rob Moore- The Disruptive Entrepreneur”. Steve Bridge, (former MD of Mercedes Vans UK, and now MD of eStar Truck and Van), introduced me to the podcast after I delivered a health session for his workforce at Mercedes Vans Head office, and it has been a really valuable resource in motivating me to drive the growth of Leap Health. Many days I want inspiration for content, or need to learn more about a particular area, so then I choose various health experts such as bencoomber radio, DR Rangan Chattergee, Rhianna Lambert etc. So, the take home message from point 1, is that you must use “Positive Noise”… listen to experts in the field and take advice from reputable resources.
  2. Get on comfortable clothes for movement. I got my running gear on as know that getting out in the fresh air does create clarity and energy in my mind. You do not have to plan to be super energetic, you can think small steps such as I will walk for 5 minutes, but once you are out your body and mind may pleasantly surprise you that it wants to do more! A cap is the most important part of my gear as it protects from the rain, sun, and the excuse of going home because I have rain and sun in my eyes!
  3. Put the podcast on before you leave… this will make you want to get out and listen to more!
  4. On returning home the first thing I do is to write down, or e mail myself, or put in the notes on my phone, all of the key take home messages, ideas and things that have really resonated with me from the podcast.
  5. It is then key to make sure you are hydrated, and have fuelled well for the day ahead. If I have done strenuous exercise, I make sure that I do this pretty quick, as I know my body and know that if I do not, I can become hangry, and my mental focus diminishes quickly.

Have a productive day!

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