If you are feeling in sub-optimal health when working from home, would you…

A – Phone in sick
B – Work at a slower pace, masking how you are feeling inside
C – Check in with small steps that can improve your health and increase productivity?

With more people than ever WFH…More people are answering B to the question above!

Whichever answer you choose, this course will leave you answering and your colleagues answering C more of the time!

Course Objectives

  • You will understand why presenteeism, and e-presenteeism, must be prevented.

  • You will have a greater awareness of the health habits that hinder and help your productivity when working from home and hybrid

  • You will explore nutrition, movement, sleep, positive noise, & productivity winners, whilst linking these to your individual world

  • You will increase your motivation and ability to make small steps that leap your health & productivity when WFH & Hybrid

Course Outcomes

  • You will have clarity and goals on the small changes you can make to improve your physical and mental health when WFH

  • You will have access to a tool box of winning solutions to increase productivity and health

  • You will feel confident to make health contagious and encourage others to make small steps to leap health

Ready for your workplace to Leap Health?