Ready to Leap Health Wellbeing & Performance

“READY to Leap Health, Wellbeing & Performance” empowers individuals to prioritise physical and mental health as a catalyst to Health, Wellbeing & Performance. Workplaces are busy and it can be difficult to get everyone free at the same time,  in a time efficient way individuals will explore small steps online, in a timeframe that suits them, with big ROI.

The Online Course Explores

  • R is for Rest, Recovery & Recharge

  • E is for Eat Well

  • A is for Activity

  • D is for Distraction Management

  • Y is for YOU and YOUR Self Awareness

  • Plus valuable supporting resources

Course Outcomes

  • You will leave the workshop feel empowered, motivated and READY to make “Small Steps to Leap Health & Wellbeing as a Catalyst to Performance”