Project Description

Exercise is not just 60 minutes sweating and suffering in a gym! Once you find the activity, the balance and the motivation techniques that suit you and your environment, it can be enjoyable and you can reap the physical and mental benefits. Movement is a great way to boost creativity and productivity which can improve performance personally and professionally.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced this will improve your ability to use movement to maximise productivity.

Course Objectives

The course will explore: 

  • Health is contagious

  • Our current world

  • Expert recommendations

  • Types of training, pros and cons

  • Trends in training myths and facts uncovered

  • Activity that’s enjoyable and winner for YOU

  • Achieving the best bang for your buck from exercise!

Course Outcomes

  • You will know YOUR winning strategies to achieve optimal activity levels, that improve mental and physical health.

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