Barriers to burnout and bridges to brilliance

Mental health UK state that

46% of UK workers feel ‘more prone to extreme levels of stress’ compared with a year ago (March 2020), while only 15% feel ‘less prone to extreme levels of stress’.

This course could be the difference between burnout and brilliance in your people and your organisation

This course explores;

  • The signs and symptoms of burnout

  • What burnout could mean to you as an individual

  • The GCI tool, to unleash your energy and impact

  • The READY acronym for Brilliance, exploring rest & recovery, nutrition, movement, & distractions

  • Small steps that you can take, to build barriers to burnout & bridges to brilliance at an individual and organisational level, straight away

Course Outcomes

  • You will be motivated, empowered and clear on how you can help prevent and manage burnout for you and others