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Is milk good or bad, and how can I support my bone health?


Is milk good or bad, and how can I support my bone health?” is a question you may ask, when you see mixed information and opinions plastered everywhere. Who remember s the advert with two young boys, with one of them drinking milk and exclaiming that he will be able to play for Accrington Stanley one day, to which his friend replies “Accrington Stanley…who are they?” Well I have to confess that I am old enough to remember this classic advert, and also have the pleasure of living close by to this famous football team (as you may guess from my [...]

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Top tips on creating a healthy online business meeting


  Let’s face it zoom business meetings are getting pretty boring and dull! Equally sitting front of a screen is not the best for boosting our physical and mental health, and therefore our productivity. So how can you make an online business meeting more engaging, healthier and impactful? Here are 10 ideas-   Think about the time. When fits best for the attendees and their other commitments in this crazy world! Ask them and find out. Think about the agenda and expectations in advance. Plan movement at approximate times. Include a relaxation This could be as simple as box breathing for [...]

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Why and how to take annual leave when there is nowhere to jet set off to on holiday?


What is the point in taking annual leave, when we cannot even go anywhere due to covid-19 restrictions? Well, if you have thought this ... YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It does seem a bit of a waste; however here are 5 reasons why you should take them- Employee burnout is on the rise. In our current climate “e-presenteeism” is likely to rocket in prevalence. Do not become a statistic. Rest your body and mind so that you can handle your work load. The saying a break is as good as a holiday is true. A change of routine and activities can [...]

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How to avoid the marketing traps when choosing your food.


We all get drawn into marketing messages and in a busy world it’s hard to make a balanced decision about everything! However here are a few pointers that may help you answer this question… “Do higher price tags, prettier packaging, famous brands, and promoted features mean that a food is highly nutritious?”  1.Fat Free  This is an older marketing phrase and craze. In some cases a lower fat version may be better, if this is reducing trans or saturated fats. It is also a way to reduce total calorie intake as 1 gram of fat has 8 calories, whereas 1g of [...]

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What is the truth about Nutrition beliefs?


What really is the truth about Nutrition?” is a question many people would like to know. With an influx of nutrition social media posts, opinions, packaged up wonder solutions…what should you really believe?

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Work-life Balance when Working From Home


How on earth can we manage our Work-Life Balance when Working from Home, and our Personal and Professional life are both are under the same roof?

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How to get movement into the workday


“How often can I include movement in the working day?” is probably on a lot of peoples mind right now. As Anthony Robins says “Motion creates Emotion”. For too many years productivity has been linked to hours worked and often sat at a desk. However regular movement is not only shown to improve your physical health, it improves your creativity and overall mental health. It really is vital that movement is the norm of the working day, and we need to think outside of the box to achieve it in each of our individual worlds. Here below is my new walking [...]

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How to get motivated to move


Some days, and times we know that we should move, but just really cannot be bothered! Here are a few little ideas to motivate you from the  ICBB (I can`t be bothered) state, to the IBCC (I can be brilliant state). I hope these help, and I would love to know others that you have.   Train with a Friend, whether in person, online, or on the phone. Make that commitment Download a great Podcast. Positive noise is a great motivator. This is my favourite! Have a pre workout routine. This may be as simple as putting your gym clothes on. [...]

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Eggstra, Cracking Facts about Eggs that make them Smashing


Now, I am not “yolking” here, Eggs are hot stuff when it comes to nutrition! Here are a few reasons why... Years ago it was thought that eggs raised our bad cholesterol. In actual fact they do not negatively affect cholesterol in the majority of people Eggs are a great source of protein and have all the essential amino acids in all the right quantities. This makes them perfect after those strenuous workouts...or just a stroll to the kitchen! But, don’t be wasting those yolks and thinking the whites of the eggs are the best bit (That’s Old Skool!) Eggs are [...]

Eggstra, Cracking Facts about Eggs that make them Smashing2022-02-22T17:06:33+00:00


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