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How to get movement into the workday


“How often can I include movement in the working day?” is probably on a lot of peoples mind right now. As Anthony Robins says “Motion creates Emotion”. For too many years productivity has been linked to hours worked and often sat at a desk. However regular movement is not only shown to improve your physical health, it improves your creativity and overall mental health. It really is vital that movement is the norm of the working day, and we need to think outside of the box to achieve it in each of our individual worlds. Here below is my new walking [...]

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How to get motivated to move


Some days, and times we know that we should move, but just really cannot be bothered! Here are a few little ideas to motivate you from the  ICBB (I can`t be bothered) state, to the IBCC (I can be brilliant state). I hope these help, and I would love to know others that you have.   Train with a Friend, whether in person, online, or on the phone. Make that commitment Download a great Podcast. Positive noise is a great motivator. This is my favourite! Have a pre workout routine. This may be as simple as putting your gym clothes on. [...]

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Exercise during pregnancy- from experience


After exercising through 3 pregnancies in 2009, 2013, and 2018/19, here are a few top tips from experience. Over the years it is amazing how the guidance and opinions around exercise in pregnancy have changed. I would go so far to say that it was frowned up on in 2009 during my first pregnancy, and I received many negative comments. Today though I am 100% happy I went along with the information I gathered from reputable research and continued to exercise, resulting in happier, healthier Mummy and babies. Hope these few point help you or others you know.   Third [...]

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Eggstra, Cracking Facts about Eggs that make them Smashing


Now, I am not “yolking” here, Eggs are hot stuff when it comes to nutrition! Here are a few reasons why... Years ago it was thought that eggs raised our bad cholesterol. In actual fact they do not negatively affect cholesterol in the majority of people Eggs are a great source of protein and have all the essential amino acids in all the right quantities. This makes them perfect after those strenuous workouts...or just a stroll to the kitchen! But, don’t be wasting those yolks and thinking the whites of the eggs are the best bit (That’s Old Skool!) Eggs are [...]

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How do you get running with a baby or young child?


Having a baby or young child can make exercising a little trickier, but there are ways around fitting this vital part of your wellness in. Exercise and fresh air does make us happy, and happy parents often mean happy babies & children. So, here are a few tips on how you can get out running with your little ones in a pram. Top tips◦ Get a 3 wheeler. Do your research like you would a car- these wheels are important.◦ Purchase a pram that is both forward facing and backward.◦ Get a Safety strap on pram.◦ Wear Hi-Vis gym clothes.◦ Go [...]

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