After exercising through 3 pregnancies in 2009, 2013, and 2018/19, here are a few top tips from experience.

Over the years it is amazing how the guidance and opinions around exercise in pregnancy have changed. I would go so far to say that it was frowned up on in 2009 during my first pregnancy, and I received many negative comments. Today though I am 100% happy I went along with the information I gathered from reputable research and continued to exercise, resulting in happier, healthier Mummy and babies. Hope these few point help you or others you know.


Third pregnancy 8 months (I am not really a selfie lover!)


  • Remember it’s far easier to do it now than after when you have sleepless nights and feeding times etc to work around .
  • Use exercise as a tool to make you feel more energised, less nauseous, and happy.
  • Get fresh air.
  • Listen to happy music, this will also make that little baby happy!
  • Seek medical recommendations if you have complications.
  • Ensure you do Pelvic floor exercises as this can cause complications later down the line if not. If you are carrying a particularly heavy baby consult your HCP about the safety of high pounding exercise.
  • Train with a slow mate this will help you train at a reduced rate to normal as your pregnancy progresses
  • Fuel well before and after , this is not just about you but another little person
  • Finally one of the most important points…Ignore people’s opinion who have not researched the topic or do not know what they are on about!


  • Exercise any harder than what your body is used to.
  • Lift heavy weight above your head.
  • Do any contact sport.
  • Push yourself too hard when your body is saying no.
  • Do Ab crunches past 12 weeks of exercise lying flat on back
  • Compare yourself to other pregnant women…your baby and body are individual and listen to them.
  • Train through any pain- this is a warning signal.
  • Overheat
  • Listen to older generation who believe exercise is bad.
  • Lay on a couch for 9 months!

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