Powering through when you really need to rest your mind and recharge your batteries DOES NOT RESULT IN PRODUCTIVITY, it just results in more hours worked and diminished quality in outputs. This is relevant to both our personal and professional lives. However, the thought of taking an hour out the day for yoga, a long run, a hike, or a soak in the bath is not always realistic, and could actually increase our anxiety levels thinking that we need to fit it in!

So here are 11, 5 minute quick fixes that will leave you feeling refocused, reenergised and recharged.

  • 5 minutes – focus on your “WHY”- what it really important to you in life. Write it down and embed it into your life.
  • 5 minutes gratitude
  • 5 minutes dance
  • 5 minutes laugh
  • 5 minutes brew
  • 5 minutes box breathing
  • 5 minutes hit blast
  • 5 minutes lying on flat floor
  • 5 minutes fresh air
  • 5 minutes read in peace

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