Having a baby or young child can make exercising a little trickier, but there are ways around fitting this vital part of your wellness in. Exercise and fresh air does make us happy, and happy parents often mean happy babies & children. So, here are a few tips on how you can get out running with your little ones in a pram.

Top tips

◦ Get a 3 wheeler. Do your research like you would a car- these wheels are important.

◦ Purchase a pram that is both forward facing and backward.

◦ Get a Safety strap on pram.

◦ Wear Hi-Vis gym clothes.

◦ Go when it is light.

◦ Plan your route- low curbs, smooth road, safe, least fumes, regular feeding/changing places, not far from home etc

◦ Plan around nap time.

◦ Pack snacks, changing things etc.

◦ Invest in a Bum bag with all the essentials in!

◦ Fuel before with a good pre workout meal….and a cup of coffee or tea always goes down a treat for a tired parent.

◦ Take a Telephone For an emergency.

◦ Go with a friend.

◦ Add a circuit, this could entertain a baby watching you sweat it out doing squats, burpees, etc in front of the pram whilst they are all cosy!

◦ Multi task…get groceries from shop on route.

◦ Finish near a child friendly place that they can enjoy such as park, ducks etc.

◦ If you are super tired, remember rest is important. Try walking…and if you are super, super tired from sleepless nights…choose sleep and then try a walk/run another day.


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