How on earth can we manage our Work-Life Balance when Working from Home, and our Personal and Professional life are both are under the same roof?

Deloittes last year in 2020 stated that

 “Companies who promote Work-Life Balance are two times more productive than those who do not.”

Leap Health truly believes that without putting your health at the heart of what you do, you will not be productive and happy in your personal or professional life. So, with that in mind remember this key point…

“Make Health a PRIORITY!”


Now, let`s move onto 20 top tips to support a positive Work-Life Balance when Working From Home.


  1. Have a separate work space. If possible have somewhere you can shut the door to after working hours and leave alone until the start of the next working day. I can hear some of you shout right now… “But how, when my bedroom is my living room, work room and sleep room?!”.  Well, if this is the case try to ensure that your work things are packed away out of site at the end of the day, your desk is in another area of the room to your chill out area, or even rearrange your room slightly at the end of the day to create a different look.
  2. Create a commute. Many of us are loving the amount of time we are saving from that commute. But, this time could also have been valuable in creating that mental transition to work mode/ switch off mode, it may have been time to listen to some positive noise such as radio/podcast/catch up with friends, or an opportunity to move. So create a commute, such as a walk, jog, or cycle before or after work when you can get your mind ready as you normally would to prepare for the start or the end of the working day.
  3. Plan regular breaks from the screen to protect your eyes, mind, and the rest of the body. Plan times in the diary, set alarms to remind you to take a break Question all tasks as to whether they have to be in front of a screen. Could a zoom/ teams meeting actually be a phone call on the move?
  4. Avoid multitasking. Evidence shows that this is not productive. It is key to be as productive whilst working, so that you feel you can switch off when the working hours are done. Try to separate your work tasks from your personal admin, to reduce the overlap of your personal and professional life.
  5. Put all your work away at the end of the day, so there is no temptation or reminder to work when you are meant to be switching off.
  6. Have clear starting and finishing times. This includes if you are working in different blocks of time throughout the way. Make sure that these times are very visual to you and also communicate to others, so that they can hold you accountable to stick to these and know when not to disturb you.
  7. Prioritise for the next day. This does not just mean your work priorities but also your health priorities. This way you can switch off easier knowing that you have a clear plan for the next day.
  8. Become unavailable. Make sure that others cannot tempt you let work interfere with your personal life, and they do not expect a reply when you are not working. Set your out of office, Put your working hours on the bottom of your e mail leave your working hours on your answer machine, put a closed sign on your working area at home.
  9. Move- By regularly moving throughout the day you keep more motivated, energised and productive, which will in turn help you manage your workload, and therefore avoid work spilling over into your personal life. For more information on this visit my video on “Movement to Leap Health”.
  10. Get rid of time wasters. Try to minimise tasks, connection with others, & mind battles that are not a productive use of your time. This will eat into your day and create a greater need to work overtime.
  11. Focus on nourishing your mind so that you can be more productive and able to switch off at the end of the day. Be mindful of over consuming caffeine for energy through the days this will affect your ability to relax and switch off. For more information visit my video on Nutrition to Leap Health.
  12. Save and invest. Finder stats suggest that when working from home, on average each person saves £44.78 per week from commute and lunches out costs. So invest these savings to invest in your personal life and make this more quality time.
  13. Work Dress. Although I always advise wearing comfortable clothing when WFH to promote movement, try to still dress appropriately for work and maybe have separate clothes for work time and non-work time. This will increase the differentiation between the two. Try not to be too tempted to keep those PJs on if no one can see!
  14. Use Light. The use of light can be powerful to create separation between work and relaxation. Try to work in areas with plenty of light to increase energy and alertness. New smart lights are a good way to change light according to working time, and relaxation time. Here is one recommended from an attendee on my Working From Home…Without Forgetting Health courses. Lepro WiFi Smart Bulbs B22, APP or Voice Control LED Bayonet Bulbs, Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, RGB + Warm to Cool White, Dimmable, 9W = 60W, No Hub Required, Pack of 2 (2.4GHz Only): Lighting
  15. Establish workplace Work-Life Balance Norms. Co-create working norms so that it creates a culture of complying to a work-life balance. Feel confident to speak up if others do not support these values, be inspiring to each other, and share ideas about how you can continually improve on a good work-life balance.
  16. Anchors- Use anchors to start and finish the day. This maybe listening to a particular song at the start or end of the day, you may to box breathing to clear yu8or mind before or after the day, you may journal 3 points of gratitude, you may have an alarm that you set to start and finish, or the are many other types of anchors that could work for you.
  17. Commit to someone a finishing time. In a busy world in the office we may have to leave work on time to collect kids, walk a dog, catch a train, or other reason. When WFH we do not always have these commitments that force us to end the working day when we should. So, make these commitments e.g. arrange to call a friend at the end of the day and walk and talk, place a meal in the oven that your cooking for others and is ready at the end of the working day, plan an online gym class at the end of the day. But, make a commitment to finish.
  18. Track and journal your Work-life balance. Sometimes we do not realise how out of hand our work-life balance has become. So, take a few moments to record the hours that yo are working, your ability to switch off and how you are feeling. This will make the situation more visible and clear to make solutions.
  19. E mail your work address to dump work tasks. To minimise work tasks taking up mind space when we are not at work try just e mailing your work account from your personal account the task, so that you can action it when you are back working, and park the thought. Do not send this from work e mails though as opening work e mails will just increase temptation to address other things.
  20. And…. Breathe! Slow down take a few moments to breathe and realise what is important to you.

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